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Why work with us?

We work hard to create positive, productive and mutually beneficial relationships with our industry partners and contracting teams. We strive to assist in the business development of our contractors with the goal of mutual growth and continued, long-term success. Our proven construction rehab system results in a more predictable and efficient process which consistently creates a superior product and increased profit for our contractors.

We pay our contractors on time every time

Let’s be clear: Unlike some companies you may have worked with in the past, we are very happy to pay our contractors. Really. We know you’ve got a business to run and bills to pay—so do we. We understand that when you complete a payment milestone that you want to get your payment as soon as possible. And we know that it’s in our interest to have a committed, happy contractor as a partner. So we will pay you—and pay you promptly—as the work is completed in the stages laid out at the onset of the project.

We’ll bring you more business

Our core business is purchasing distressed residential and mixed-use properties, and then renovating and selling them to homebuyers, landlords, or other investors. We have marketing and acquisitions specialists constantly scanning the market for properties that meet our investment profile, and we’ll often have multiple projects in progress simultaneously.  We also work with a national group of investors, and we’re frequently asked for referrals for “a good contractor”.  We believe wholeheartedly in recommending the people who help support our growth and would gladly recommend you and your team.

We’ll make your life easier

Before we begin any renovation we develop a comprehensive Scope of Work containing all the details of the project in one spot, making life much easier for our contractors. We select all the materials that will go into our properties, and clearly lay out everything that we want done by our contractors, so that they can focus on doing the work they do best—contracting. Our contractors have consistently expressed that one of the best things about working with Transformant Properties is how every component in the Scope of Work is line-itemed, and materials often even have the associated SKU# and where to purchase it included. We know time is money for both of us, so we do the extra work on the front end to make sure our budgets and timeframes are very accurate.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for professional contractors who have high standards, with a team of reliable subcontractors who do quality work, and who have been in business for some time—with the track record and references to prove it.

Here are some specific things we’re looking for in our contractors:

  • Fully licensed with licenses up to date (same with their subcontractors)
  • Insured—including worker’s comp, liability—with a minimum limit of $1 million
  • Been in business in the area for at least three years
  • Has a consistent crew of subcontractors
  • Keeps worksite clean and maintained
  • Can provide a list of references, with current contact information
  • Belongs to the Better Business Bureau or one of the national associations of builders or carpenters
  • Provides written warrantees of a year or more for their work
  • Is structured as a corporation or LLC
  • A reputable company with no history of lawsuits
  • Has the financial resources—able to float materials cost until work is complete and ready for draw

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